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Phone Sex - US Business Systems / JKE Enterprises provides top of the line adult phone sex services. Like many companies online we started small and have grown ever larger into the company we are today. We have been operating for over 4 years and have seen many changes in the adult industry as a whole. Despite those changes we have always tried to maintain the best possible outlook and have continued to provide quality services. For more information about our phone sex services visit www.pleasuresandpassions.com.

Now Accepting Calls From the United States and Canada!

Phone Sex Payments Page - We've moved all of our payment pages off of our phone sex sites and moved them here. You can still access these pages directly from our other sites . We made this change for 2 reasons. Reason #1: Purchases regardless of what you are purchasing are a business transaction and should take place in a professional looking environment. Reason #2: Many of our clients require discretion. Naked bodies on a computer screen in the work place is sometimes just not an option. The us-business-systems website helps maintain discretion. Visit the Pay Page.


October 12th, 2016 - We have added a brand new online application to our website. .
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