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Billing Policy Changes (October, 2007)

JKE Enterprises (billed as US Business Systems) now has the ability to adjust payments for unused minutes. Because of this we are implementing a new policy to bill calls under 40 minutes in a single payment. The operators at JKE Enterprises are being asked to inform clients of this new policy and to discourage multiple payments for call (under 60 minutes). We are asking our clients that pay online to purchase blocks of time that will cover 10 to 20 minutes of reserve time so that additional payments will not be needed. If you have any concerns or questions please email support@jke-enterprises.com.

What are reserve minutes?

It's common place for callers to buy 10 or 20 minutes and to end up wanting more talk time. Since we can now adjust a payment to a lower price range we are suggesting that callers purchase 10 to 20 additional minutes so that additional purchases are not needed for a call.

Why would purchasing reserve minutes be a good idea?

Since most things are selfishly motivated we'll be upfront, it's more cost effective and time effective on our end.

However the benefits do extend to our clients. processing additional payments mid call require the client or the operator to either stop and process more minutes or to try and process minutes while continuing the call. This is not ideal while attempting to keep the moment.

While we consider having only one payment per call a benefit all by itself it also has secodary benefits. Having only 1 payment per call allows us to provide better customer service. If an issue arrises we only need to reference one order number rather than several. Also for our regular clients that have multiple payments for multiple calls this can reduce considerable confusion. For clients that use a shared credit or debit card with a spouse, girlfriend or maybe a relative a single payment on that statement draws less attention than 2 or more.

The biggest reason is confidence. We want to trust our clients and we want them to trust us. For our girls knowing that a call can be paid in full wether it lasts 10 minutes or 40 minutes provides a more relaxed mood and in turn results in a better call. The payment of extra time also shows trust that we'll adjust the call to it's proper amount when the call is completed.