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Version: Beta 0.8.2
Last Update: February 28th, 2008

US Business System's will not use your membership information for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your membership. Your contact information will not be sold. Specials and other announcements will be made on this website. An opt-in email list is in the works but you must opt-in to be added to it. You will not be added by default.

Preferred Pay offers 2 ways to pay.

  1. Member's Credit Card processing. Some member info is stored to speed up and guarantee your credit card transactions will be successful.
  2. Preferred Pay uses hard funds (ie. Money Order, Western Union, Bank Checks, etc...) to fund an account balance. This account can be used to make payment using real money at any time to our girls.

Under Development:

    Preferred Pay is online and available to our members. All systems are functional but minor portions of the site are still being developed. We will develop Preferred Pay to suit the needs of our members as those needs become apparent.


    Unverified and unused PreferredPay accounts are routinely purged from our database. If you signed up for an account but did not verify a credit card or maintain a balance it is very likely that your account was or will be deleted.
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Preferred Pay Benefits
  • Call Log
  • Fast Credit Card Processing
  • Card Verification Before You Buy Not After
  • Preferred Pay Pay
  • 5% Off All Calls

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