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Preferred Pay Benefits
Call Log
  • Provides a record of all calls made through our member section. Your account will be made up of two types of transactions. Preferred Pay which will include various forms of deposits. Western Union, Money Order, Bank/Certified Check, Personal Checks and possibly other forms of payment.
Fast Credit Card Processing
  • Certain aspects of processing a payment add time to the transaction. One of the lengthiest parts it trying to get the correct address. The wrong address can lead to errors processing your credit card so our member's only system will store your correct address, name and phone number. This information is also verified with your bank so in the event that certain bank errors occur and the bank does verify the data during a live transaction we can still approve your call.
Card Verification Before You Buy Not After
  • As was mentioned above. We verify your address information with your card issuing institution. This help us process your transaction even when certain minor errors occur. There are some error such as ISF(insufficient funds) that we can do nothing about.
Preferred Pay
  • Because third party processors (AllResell, PayPal, etc...) are becoming increasingly unreliable we've decided to create our own system for accepting alternative payments. Currently this system includes an Account History and our Preferred Pay page.
5% Off All Calls
  • Members receive 5% off the cost of their calls year round. With special discounts (10-15%) on certain holidays. We'll be posting a holiday discounts schedule soon.
Scheduled Discount Holidays
  • Christmas Eve (12/24/2017)
  • Christmas Day (12/25/2017)
  • Kwanzaa Begins (12/26/2017)
  • New Years Eve (12/31/2017)
  • New Years Day (1/1/2018)
    Preferred Pay Benefits
  • Call Log
  • Fast Credit Card Processing
  • Card Verification Before You Buy Not After
  • Preferred Pay Pay
  • 5% Off All Calls

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